Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, the woes of no internet access

So, as my friend Christine pointed out--hi, Danger Bat--I have not posted anything new in a whole, entire week. What can I say? I moved into a new place and was once again cast into the dark ages: the internet was not yet hooked up when Dave and I moved in. Now, wifi cafes abound--witness my current post--but it's not quite the same, especially since my laptop charger is once again on a downward spiral, functionally speaking. I like Vietnam, and I don't want to shock the locals by reenacting the Battle of Hue--me vs. my charger. It typically takes between 5 and 10 minutes of cursing, stomping, hurling, barracking, pleading, coercing, and smacking before the tempermental POS calms down enough to get the charger working.

Anyway, the Internet guy is supposed to come today, as he was supposed to come yesterday, and the day before, and the day before. Tomorrow, tomorrow, internet is always tomorrow, it's only a day away... When it is hooked up, I promise multiple posts, and! Even! Pictures! Once you have collected your socks, which I just blew off, I should add that my picture taking has so far been sporadic. I haven't had a ton of time yet to go out and really work my camera; whoda thunk that moving to a foreign country and starting a life there would take so much work?


  1. Dammit, Owen. Now I'm missing one sock.

    However, hold on to your own: Honey White got together twice in November and December. Keir posted new material at

    Also, I'm in a new band too that has rad stuff too. Check it out once you have internet again. Always room for new music, right? :)

  2. Unbloodyacceptable, I say! Excuses and red herrings! Abandon hope(less) keyboard, back to ye olde quill and parchment, fie, fie on the interwebz! Down with technology! Down... ... My point, I misplaced heem. Oh very well. I suppose I can wait another day or two. But I expect nothing but brilliance in forthcoming posts. And missing socks. You have been warned.