Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have a job, just like that.

Note: still not caught up with present day posts...and in fact, I've been posting what I wrote a bit out of order. But you're capable of piecing it together.

The title of the post should say it all. I applied on Monday, interviewed on Tuesday, did a demo-lesson on Wednesday, and started Thursday. I teach English--reading, writing, pronunciation, and vocabulary--and drama at Asian High School. The campus is a five-minute walk from Sean's apartment.

I'll be starting at another campus on Monday. So far, so good; one class is a pain, but the rest are good kids. Once I get my work permit, I should be making $25 to 27.50 an hour--teaching Drama earns one a bonus, for some odd reason. This is 2.5x what I made in California at my last job. Vietnam rocks.

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