Thursday, January 20, 2011

Casa de Sean

I should say a few words about Sean, mine gracious host. Sean is a friend of my cousin Dave's, and kindly agreed to let us stay here until we find a place. This is possible because Sean's housemate is currently back in England so one bedroom is going spare. If Tom were here, then it would be too, too crowded. As it is, with Dave, Sean, me, and four people's belongings, you have to open negotiations well before you cook, open a door, or turn around.

His apartment is in Binh Tan, right across a 'river' (read: open sewer/floating dump) from District 1, the heart of HCMC. The building is huge; if the air was clear, you could see all the way across Saigon to yet more Saigon, halfway to what is purportedly the edge of Saigon. I don't believe the city has an edge, but I've been told it's not endless, just impossible to get out of.

Anyway, Sean: Sean is an experienced expat, a lifer. He's all of 28, and has lived here since he was 19. Sean is an English teacher, too. Sean is made of moxie, vodka, and awesome.

I'm sure I will have more to say about Sean.

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