Thursday, February 10, 2011

Teasers and flashbacks

Have to work in the morning, can't sleep, kind of sick. Answer: blog!

Remember what I said about the apartment being so big that if Dave and I wanted some private time, we could simply avoid each other for weeks at a time?

I just saw him for the first time in three days. A lot of this is busy-ness on my part--between work and a woman I'm dating waaaay on the opposite side of the city, I haven't been home much. But still, I bet you all thought I was exaggerating--which, of course, I never do.


Teaser time: I still have like 1 or 2 more posts about the Dam Sen water park (and I may be going again this weekend, with the woman I've been seeing; not sure yet.)

I have more pics of the apartment to post--rather, I have to take them, and then post them.

I have an Very Interesting Second Date story (not the women mentioned above, but another.) Pro tip: bringing up marriage on the second date, even in the abstract, is a great way to ensure there's no third.

I also have a long post I've been scribbling in my notebook about Tet, with tons of pictures.

Last, I have a post about all kinds of random little stuff that does my head in.

Stay tuned; it's only gonna get more interesting.


  1. Wow! Your Grandma and I read it here in Spain inbetween sitting in the sun, filling olive oil in small bottles and squeezing orange juice. She would love to see a pic of your most recent date, I am sure! And don't give up on the noodles, just get the real stuff, whatever it is...
    As we are the older relatives I guess we can say it: we are proud of you!

  2. Samuel! I was just thinking of you (I was watching a travel show on southern Spain): I am the friend Owen brought by your beautiful house in Orgiva back in 2003. And since I have been improving on my Spanish since then:

    Gracias otra vez por permitirnos quedarnos en su casa. Fue una experiencia inolvidable, y Ud. fue muy generoso, mostrandonos de la cultura del sur de EspaƱa.